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Cinnamon Streusel

cinnamon based muffin with cinnamon chips and a buttery sugar topping


for this delicious muffin we use our pistachio extracts and add pistachios & walnuts to give it texture!


classic muffin we use our ultra moist muffin base with lots of corn meal! This is great grilled with lots of butter!

Peanutbutter French Toast

the flavors of maple, cinnamon and peanut butter blending together to create a super tasty treat!


the pineapple muffin is loaded with crushed pineapples and pineapple juice topped with our buttery streusel topping


the most popular muffin we make, the blueberry muffin uses a classic New England style base and is loaded with juicy blueberries

French Toast Bacon

an ultra-moist muffin with lots of maple syrup, maple extract, almond extract, cinnamon chips & chopped bacon!

Cranberry Orange Nut

this very popular muffin is a blend of whole cranberries, mandarin oranges and walnuts topped with sugar crystals

Blueberry Crumb

we have added our cinnamon sugar walnut blend in the middle of the muffin and then top it with our buttery streusel topping

Cinnamon Coffee Cake

cinnamon based muffin with cinnamon chips and topped with a delicious mix of cinnamon, sugar and walnuts!

Apple Spice

this apples & cinnamon based muffin is filled with our apple pie blend and topped with cinnamon and sugar. yum!

Banana Chocolate Chip

a delicious & sweet blend of ripe bananas and chocolate chips topped with sugar crystals

French Vanilla

the French Vanilla muffin is decadently sweet with a Bavarian cream filling and buttery streusel topping

Orange Pineapple

A citrusy & tropical summer time treat in muffin form, what’s not to love?

Black Bottom Cup

It’s a muffin! It’s a brownie! It’s…delicious!


a fluffy chocolate muffin baked with oreo cookie!

Gluten Free Blueberry

our classic blueberry muffin, gluten-free

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip

an Autumn favorite, sweet and delicious with chocolate chips!

Mocha Chip

sate that mocha craving, with extra chocolate goodness

Pumpkin Cream Cheese

savory, sweet, and really neat – what a tasty fall time treat!

Raspberry Crumb & Nut

tangy sweet raspberries in a delicious crumb muffin, with nut filling!

We also have new & unique muffins daily – come in to check them out!